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There is a lot of mileage to cover in order to place the sector in the right place where it ought to be in Africa.  Charities have been used and abused over the years and it is important to do the necessary damage control and re-position the sector as the ultimate pivotal for grassroots development.  This we will do through policy development,   campaigns, public affairs, lobbying and communications support to charities, NGOs and other socially driven organisations. We will design and implement high-profile, award winning campaigns which spread your message, capture the imagination of politicians and the public, and raise the profile of the sector.  These policies will capture the mood and aspirations of the sector and project commonly held views.  There will, be divergence of opinions; but we will ensure that we build a cohesive voice for the sector and endeavour to influence the politicians to see the charity sector as the most basic platform for nation building.   There will be period messages that will go out to the public from the sector and we will ensure that the messages are clear, concise and coherent.

The most urgent policy shift we want to see is how the government at all levels treat the Charity and Voluntary Sector in Nigeria. We will work with colleagues in other organisation and stakeholders to ensure that the National Assembly passes into law an Act for the establishment of the National Council for Charities and Voluntary Organisations (NCCVO). We will also ensure that there is a National Compact Commission that will implement the National, State and Local Compact Codes in Nigeria. These codes will regulate the relationship between the sector and the different tiers of government in Nigeria.

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