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Charities will like to provide the most needed services to their beneficiaries in the most professional way possible. To do this, they need infrastructure to be able to do the job. To be credible and accessible to their beneficiaries, partners, stakeholders and the wider public, they cannot afford to keep operating from their bedrooms or living rooms. There is the urgent need for places where they can do their work in a conducive atmosphere. They also need to have all the facilities such as good internet, computers, printers, desks and chairs that can be comfortable enough for their work. There is also need for them to have meeting rooms that can be shared by all the people using the charity hub. We will encourage every state government to consider having a Charity Hub in each of their states where the charities can use at very modest cost and we will use of skills and experience to manage the facility.  This can be worked out with the Public-Private Partnership Office of each of the states of the Federation.  Please see a good example of where this has worked in the United Kingdom by visiting:     Such a centre has been set up and managed by our Chief Executive in Oxford in his role as the Chief Executive of the Oxfordshire Equality and Human Rights Council.  See the picture below.

If you are interested in setting up a Charity Hub in your State, we will be interest to hear from you. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to start the discussion.


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